Compensation may be available in the event of loss or damage regarding an item you may have posted. This will depend on the service used and the circumstances. Below are the maximum compensation levels allowed under postal regulations. They relate to the levels stipulated by the Universal Postal Union (Letter and Parcel Post Manuals), which all member countries are required to adhere to.

Service Weight Compensation (maximum)
Registered (letters) 0 kg – 2 kg £21.00
EMS 0 kg – 20 kg Postage Paid (refunded)
Parcels 0 kg – 5 kg £26.00
5 kg – 10 kg £37.00
10 kg – 15 kg £48.00
15 kg – 20 kg £59.00

In the event of a claim, an application form shall need to be filled. Forms are available from all counters or may be downloaded and printed from the following link: Claims Form

Before using any service and/or making a claim please be aware of the following:

  1. It is essential that the Certificate of Posting or receipt (plus copies of any other documentation) be kept as they will be required to register and process a claim.
  2. Claims are normally registered after a period of 1 month. A Claim Form will need to be completed in full and signed by the sender.
  3. The completed Claim Form together with the Certificate of Posting and all supporting documentation should be handed in to the Customer Care Officer.
  4. The sender should keep a copy of all the documents submitted.
  5. In certain circumstances the external envelope, wrapping or packaging may be needed and should therefore not be disposed of until the claim has been registered with the RGPO and they are deemed not to be needed.