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All 192 Universal Postal Union member countries use the S10 standard to identify postal items. Each postal item is assigned a 13-character identifier. The country’s designated postal operator is responsible for managing the issue and use of S10 tracking numbers, and all other postal services worldwide are expected to cooperate with it.

A UPU S10 identifier looks like this: XX123456789XX

  • The first two letters are a service indicator code that indicates the type of postal item, typically RT, RR, EM, EK CP, etc. If the first two letters start with a U it means untracked parcel so it can be tracked
  • The nine digits are a serial number that can range from 000000000 to 999999999
  • The final two letters are the two-letter country code defined in ISO 3166–1; the code identifies the national postal operator that has issued the identifier for example, GI = Gibraltar, GB = Great Britain and CN = China

The tracking numbers can be tracked on the originating post tracking site and on most of the tracking sites of postal administrations worldwide as these are managed by the UPU.


The RGPO has received numerous enquiries from customers expecting parcels that unfortunately had fake tracking number. Some sellers on large e-commerce platforms and several websites mostly located in Asia are providing these fake tracking numbers that are intentionally inaccurate. Customers are misled to believe these orders to be delivered or shipped when they are not. Supplying a fake tracking number is meant to slow the buyer down from taking appropriate action.
The seller wants to at least get pass the 30-day time period for their monies to be released by the payment provider. Buyers don’t know what to do and the seller gets to keep the money but ships nothing and as most of the time the value of the item is very low, no further action is taken by the buyer.

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