Explosive Materials

Flammable Liquids & Substances

Counterfeit & Pirated Merchandise

What Can I Send?

There are numerous items which for various reasons may not be posted because they are deemed prohibited or restricted. These reasons may be due to general safety, airline restrictions or be specific to the country of destination. All such items found in the post (whether incoming or outgoing) will be held, returned to sender or disposed of as appropriate. In some instances the sender may be prosecuted.

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Important Notes

1. Prohibitions / restrictions may change without notice.
2. It is the responsibility of the sender to determine if an item is prohibited or restricted.
3. The RGPO is duty bound to respect the prohibitions and restrictions of other countries as well as those of other stakeholders eg- staff, airlines, transportation companies, etc.
4. The sender is the declarant of the contents.

Additional Information

As a further aid to customers, additional information may be obtained from the following sources;

Universal Postal Union Website – Customs lists of prohibited articles.

Prohibited Articles List (UPU) by Country – Scroll / choose the destination country

Dangerous Goods Regulations (IATA)

Royal Mail – Prohibited Goods

Royal Mail – Restricted Goods

Parcel Force – Prohibitions and Restrictions

Below is a list of commonly recognised prohibited items. This list is not exhaustive and may change without notice, Eg- requirements from different countries may vary. It is the responsibility of the sender to confirm if an item may be prohibited or restricted in the country of destination.

Type of item Description / explanation
Aerosols Of any type
Batteries Lithium batteries which are not sent with or connected to equipment and any alkaline batteries not in their final retail packaging. Including Lead Acid Batteries, (Eg- car batteries).
Asbestos Asbestos materials
Compressed or Flammable Gases Deodorant sprays, butane lighters or refills
Clinical and Medical Waste All such classified waste
Counterfeit Currency & Postage Stamps Counterfeit bank notes, coinage, postage stamps or other counterfeit material with a monetary face value and intended to defraud.
Corrosives Dyes, Acids, Mercury
Drugs Except those sent by medical practitioners in an emergency (approved packaging required)
Dry Ice Dry Ice
Environmental Waste Used engine/cooking oil, used batteries
Explosives Fireworks, ammunition, gun powder, automatic inflatable life vests/jackets
Filth Any dirt, waste or refuse.
Flammable Liquids or Solids Perfumes, nail varnish, alcoholic beverages with an alcoholic content greater than 24%, solvent based paints, varnishes and enamels, matches of any kind, firelighters.
Foreign lottery tickets Of any type.
Gases Flammable or non-flammable gases that are compressed, liquefied or dissolved under pressure, permanent gases which cannot be liquefied at ambient temperatures, liquefied gases which become liquid under pressure at ambient temperatures, dissolved gases which are dissolved under pressure in a solvent.
Indecent Material Indecent, obscene or offensive material.
Infectious substances Except for medical specimens under approved packaging and license.
Living creatures Except certain insects. Dead insects, sent as collectables, are allowed.
High Strength Magnets Except credit cards, audio and video cassettes, floppy disks, Loudspeakers
Oxidising Material & Organic Peroxide Disinfectants such as bleach/chlorine, repair kit hardeners
Pesticides  Poisons, Weed killers
Radioactive materials All radioactive materials including high lead-based paints
Toxic Substances Toxic and other dangerous substances Eg- rat poison, pepper sprays, maces that are liable to cause death or injury if swallowed or by skin contact.