Parcel delivery simplified.

With the Royal Gibraltar Post Office new Parcel Post System., we will inform you electronically (via email) when your parcels have arrived and are ready for collection.

The modern e-notification system notifies you of the arrival of the parcels immediately, making the receiving and delivery process quicker and easier.

With our email notifications, you can stay on top of things and we will remind you when you forget to collect your items and give you several notices before these are returned to the sender. We ask you to add your mobile number so that we can also arrange a delivery place if you are away from your house.

This is a free service available to all Gibraltar households and by simply signing in you will also be able to keep a record of your previously received/collected packages and the details of all the packages currently awaiting collection including their tracking numbers.

With the New Parcel Post Digital Notification System, Royal Gibraltar Post Office now allows you to opt to pay any duty/import fees online and even have the item delivered to you for a fee.

  • Parcels under £25 will have no import handling fees.
  • Parcels over £25 will have an import handling fee of £4.
  • Gifts under £39 will have no import handling fee.
  • Gifts over £39 will have an import handling fee of £4.

Should you wish to have your parcel delivered at home there is a fee of £4.

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