Maximum weight limit admitted

Surface parcels (kg) 20

Air (or priority) parcels (kg) 20

Maximum size admitted

Surface parcels –               1.5m x 1.5m x 1.5m (or 3m length & greatest circumference)

Air parcels –                        1.5m x 1.5m x 1.5m (or 3m length & greatest circumference)

All postal items need to be packaged sufficiently well to ensure the integrity of the contents being posted. Mail is dispatched in non-rigid mail bags which travel with other commercial cargo. It is essential that consideration be given to the nature of the item that is being posted, eg- heavy, light, flexible, hard, fragile, strong, bendable, liquid, potentially messy, etc. to ensure they are packaged accordingly.

Use packaging material, both internally and externally, that is sufficiently durable and strong to ensure that the item(s) contained inside does not become damaged, or the outer wrapping become perforated during it’s journey. In the case of multiple items, wrap them individually within the parcel. Items are much better protected when there is no loose movement between them. Use recognized packaging materials such as expanded polystyrene chips, polythene foam, bubble wrap, air cushions or crumpled paper to wrap items and to place around them. Provide a good cushion against knocks and vibration and ensure that there is sufficient cushioning material between an item and the outer packaging.

Packaging Tips:
1. Use reinforced or similar carton tape (approx. 50mm wide) to make a ‘H’ seal on both the top and bottom of your package. Ordinary household adhesive tape isn’t usually strong enough.
2. Parcels should use boxes made of strong carton. The heavier the parcel the thicker the carton should be or double-up the carton, eg- a box within a box.

Important Notes:
1. Non-adherence may invalidate a claim in the event of a breakage.
2. An inner cushioning lining between the item and the outer wrapping of approx. 50mm affords a much higher level of protection against damage.
3. In some cases, some foreign administrations may deem a compensation claim for damage of contents as invalid if the parcel or packet is inadequately packed.

The Royal Gibraltar Post Office is duty bound not to accept an item which is deemed to be inadequately packed, wrapped or addressed.