Our mission – To provide an efficient and reliable worldwide postal service and continuously expand our range of postal products and services to the community

Our vision – Working together as a team, we aim to deliver a better quality service to Gibraltar

The Royal Gibraltar Post Office team works hard to provide customers with a reliable and consistent service at all times.

Our Customer Service’s aim is to provide all local and international customers with an appropriate level of assistance and support, especially when things go wrong.

Resolving complaints

The Royal Gibraltar Post Office strives to be open and responsive to our customers’ needs and cooperates very closely with the Office of the Ombudsman all HM Government of Gibraltar Departments and the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority to make we meet all our obligations and our Universal Service Obligations are offered.

Our customers rightly expect us to keep our basic service promises – collecting and delivering on time and meeting and anticipating customers’ needs. Improving our performance in quality of service and improved customer satisfaction is key to the sustainability of our business.

Our daily Target

We have key performance indicators with targets to focus on addressing and reducing customer complaints. We also work towards the next day delivery service in Gibraltar and all our outbound mail leaves Gibraltar next day.

Addressing customer complaints

We are also working hard to reduce the number of complaints we receive. We are focused on addressing the root cause of customer complaints and we are working with our customers to identify the areas that account for most customer complaints such as redirections and mid-deliveries.

Transparent about customer complaints

We’re terribly sorry if you have a complaint

If customers are unhappy with their experience, they can register a complaint with us either by phone, email, mail or in person. We then do everything we can to resolve the issue swiftly and amicably. There is a detailed process in place for dealing with customer complaints. The process is transparent and records always kept for inspection.

If you have a Query or Complaint, the details are as follows

Customer Care Officer

General Post Office
Postal Headquarters
104 Main Street
GX11 1AA
Letter Mail queries

Tel: +350 200 75714
E-mail : ccolettermail@post.gi

Parcel Post
7 Admiral Rooke
GX11 1AA
Parcel Post Queries

Tel: +350 200 78364
E-mail : ccoparcelpost@post.gi

*Alternatively, you can e-mail us by submitting the online form below

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